Hi there, I am Sebastian.
a mathematician and software developer.
I am passionate about AI, AR and Game development.
I love to create tools for games and I love writing scripts that do useful stuff.


Stable Diffusion AI

Augmented reality

Murals AR

  • Murals AR is the result of my prior exploration into Stable Diffusion and AR, now brought to life through an augmented reality experience. Developed using Unity and Vuforia, this project animates murals in the distinctive style of the original mural artist.

Chess AR

  • Chess AR is a Unity project tailored for the nReal Light AR glasses. This augmented reality chess game offers a standard chess experience. Utilizing plane tracking, the chessboard is seamlessly anchored to the floor, while the controller employs a laser beam for picking up and moving the pieces.

Game Development

Forest Run

  • Created with Unity 3D
  • Embark on an arcade survival adventure in 'Forest Run,' where you embody a deer navigating a spherical planet. Your sole mission is to outsmart shooting hunters concealed within the dense bushes, testing your survival skills in a fast-paced and dynamic gaming experience.